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Regular expressions anyone?

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Hi all,
Where can i get a package to use regular expressions in java?

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Where can i get a package to use regular expressions
in java?Look at jregex library:
Demo applet:
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    Hello.. I wanted to write a regular expression to match the foll string.. <!--endclickprintexclude--><!--startclickprintexclude--> <!--endclickprintexclude--> <p> <b>NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) </b> -- Two years after

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    HI, I need a help to get the below output using regular expression query. Please help me. SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR ('PWRPKG(P/W+P/L+CC)', '[^+]+', 1, lvl) val, lvl FROM DUAL,(SELECT LEVEL lvl FROM DUAL CONNECT BY LEVEL <=(SELECT MAX ( LENGTH ('PWRPKG(P/W

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    Hi, For the example below, can I write a regular expression to store getting key, value pairs. example: ((abc def) (ghi jkl) (a ((b c) (d e))) (mno pqr) (a ((abc def)))) in the above example abc is key & def is value ghi is key & jkl is value a is

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    Greetings all, I have a simple regular expression "(\\w+)\\s(\\w+)\\s(.+)" Which I want to match against the strings like "Acetobacter pasteurianus LMD22.1" But this always fails whenever there is a dot (.) character like "LMD22.1