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Regarding Quotation & purchase order

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Dear experts,
I want to get clear how purchase order play a role in creating a quotation.
So long i heard of process Enquiry->Quotation->Sale order -> Delivery->Billing->FI posting.
But i have no idea how purchase order is used to create quotation.
Plz if anyone can explain me in detail about the quotation part.
Basically i am an abaper and requirement is to use a BAPI for creating quotation.There is purchase order information also
given in input.However i have no functinal clarity about purchase order and the way it is linked to quotation.

The Best Answer

Hi there,
Basically a Purchase order is created to procure goods / items from an external vendor or plant. Those items are called 3rd party items. When a sales order is created, a purchase requisition PR is created 1st basing on the settings in scheduling line catg. A PR will either convert into a production order (for inhouse manufactured goods) or a purchase order (for externally procured goods). PR to PO conversion happens in ME59.
It is also possible that a PO is raised 1st to procure the goods. This happens for STO items (stock items). Company raises a PO to the vendor or supplier, inbound delivery is created, when the inbound delivery is GR'ed, stock will be available.
Your understanding is correct that Inquiry --> Quotation --> order --> delivery --> billing.
Quotation is where we give it to the customer on the terms of sale which has a specific validity period. In some cases, we refer the SO from the quotation. But the quotation cannot directly create a PO. Also if you see the VOV6, schedule line catg BN & BV will not have availability check or transfer of requirements or any entry in order field (for creating a PR).
So in any case if you receive any purchase order data, it is required to enter in purchase order data screen in quotation. Other than that it has no relevance.
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