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Hi Friends,
I have a weired requirement where I am suppose to get time in millisecond for 3 scenarios.
1. next 07:00 time
2. next monday 07:00
3. on next 1st 07:00
Swing provides some jar where I can get next day - but not sure if I can play around to get my data.
need your inputs.
appreciate your quick reply friends,
P.S. the reason I have to do so is
1. I have 3 kind of reports - few reports expire daily - few weekly - few monthly.
2. I am going to fetch the report from the external system and store (cache) in my db.
3. Administrator can configure that when exactly the report is going to be updated in external system.
4. So lets say for daily - every day at 7 it will be updated - so when I read the cached data, I want to compare the stored time stamp with next 7:00 time stamp and if my stored timestamp is less than next 7:00 time stamp - i can use the cached data and similarly for weekly and monthly.
Please let me know if you have more questions.

The Best Answer

I'll just add an example.
say I added a report to DB at 1188563489217 and my
cutoff is weekly that is on next monday at 7:00 in
the morning - at that time my milliseconds would be
now as far as my stored milliseconds are less than
1188783033888 i can read it from my db and if my
stored milliseconds are greater than 1188783033888
then I need to refetch the report.
Now for this task - every time i make a call to my DB
- i have to get time in milli seconds for next monday
Is it possible??
I am badly struck over here - please guide.
Appreciate your help buddies.
ChintanTake the hint if the date string is 35:11:2007 07:00 in dd:MM:yyyy HH:mm format then the parsed date will be 05:12:2007 07:00.
your problem is actually a piece of cake ;-)
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