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REG: Multiple material line item in a single HU

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Hi All,
I am new to the concept of Handling units,
I have a requirement where I am getting an Inbound IDOC with the necessary delivery information,
and two line items are packed into a same handling unit(same handling unit number).
line item mat          tot quan                     pk quan                    han unit no
abc                        10                                 7                           1ZA500948563
def                         10                                 3                           1ZA500948563
abc                        10                                 3                            1ZA500948581
def                         10                                 7                            1ZA500948581
How to go about in fetching the two materials and assign different handling units
Can two line items be pckd in a same handling unit and can that unit be assigned same han unit number.
if so what are the necessary conditions to pck them.
Please help me out in this regard!

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