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Qt pro saved file require authorization ?

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I just bought and install QTpro keys on my eMac and want to use it to transfer purchased "Dora" video (mpeg4 format) from itunes to .mov file, so my daugther cant watch it on on dvd after I transfer it to dvd via iMovie 6.0.1. and leave me alone with my eMac to work.
But everytime I try to drag the file that already in .mov format to iMovie clip viewer or time line, it comes up with :
"This computer is not authorized to play "".
If you purchased this song you can open iTunes and authorize this computer to play this song by entering your Apple ID and password.
Which is strange because it play fine in iTunes and I already authorized this eMac before. I try to authorized one more time, and it still have no effect.
Is there any step missing ? Or any easier method ?
Please help.
Thank you
eMac 1.25 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   1.5 Gb SDRAM, Expanded Dual Screen Monitor

The Best Answer

Thank you for your instant reply and help, but it is strange, because I managed to import 2 music videos that I bought from iTunes using this QT Pro today before I stuck with "Dora"
Or maybe because I purchased those video when I use iTunes 5 when apple start to sell videos on iTunes and security script is not embeded back then.
But thank you for your help.