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QT PRO high quality option, why not default after UPDATE?

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
I just installed the new QT Security Update, and now my QT quality for my videos is quite sub-standard across the board. I first noticed it using iTunes watching some videos. I then opened a movie with QTPro full screen, and the screen was pixillated and grainy compared to before the update. I went to movie properties info pane, and noticed that the "use high quality when avail." option was NOT selected (under movie properties). I clicked this, and the quality improved. I then had to SAVE the movie (with dual extention including .mov).
QT used to have this selected as default and I never had to re-save the video. I went under QT preferences (not under movie properties), and made sure "use HQ video setting when avail" was checked--it was.
So, I have about 100 movies that I now have to RE-SAVE after checking the properties HQ box? This is quite tedious and cumbersome. Is there a way to go back to OLD settings? Should I uninstall QT Update and reinstall? Or is this the method mac is now advocating as standard protocol?
I love my "easy" to use mac and QT. But this seems out of norm for QT software. HELP?!
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The Best Answer

I've noticed that the mpg-4 videos are most dramatically effected. My iTunes downloaded TV/movie/videos are all fine. I do not notice a change in quality checked or unchecked with those specific formats.
Yah, I know it shouldn't have caused an issue, but quite coincidental as I've been using QT for over 2 years now and through all the updates and improved versioins never had a problem.
I guess stranger things have happened and it could be circumstance! LOL!