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Properly unpacking iMac and strength of arm

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This FAQ (frequently answered question) is here because many people find their displays are crooked after unpacking the machine, and if they took the proper precautions, they can prevent the display from being crooked, drooping, or otherwise loose. Of course if you take the proper precautions and find it is still loose, drooping or crooked at the neck, then either customs during shipping or the person installing your extra RAM didn't read this FAQ.
If you find it crooked, drooping, or otherwise more loose than it should be, take the computer to an authorized service center and have them repair the arm as it requires undoing about 16 screws and tightening them to an exact factory spec with a tool only the authorized service center has. For international locations visit the "Where to buy link" on the website and locate the authorized service center link on the bottom of the page.
To properly unpack the iMac, put the box on its side and open it from both ends. Then push the styrofoam carefully through and then remove the pieces off the top and bottom. That way the neck does not have to be force turned through the styrofoam when it is unpacked.
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The Best Answer

Download the offline installer here: /install_flash_player_11_osx.dmg
Mount the DMG and run the installer
If it won't run, go to: Mac HD/Library/Internet Plugins
Trash the Flash Player.plugin file from there
Go to: Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe
Trash the Flash Player folder (the whole folder)
Empty the trash
Mount the DMG and run the installer again.

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