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Problems with people hearing me on GE 31591 cordle...

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
We have been using the GE 31591 cordless telephone to make all our Skype calls but over the last few months, the quality of the calls has got worse.  People on the receiving end are finding it hard to hear us.  Sometimes the lines is crackley and sometimes it fads in and out.  
Today after trying to talk to Skype on a number of occasions (I was transferred to the wrong department 4 times) without checking anything they told me rather abrutly to check with the manufacture directly.
I wasn't sure if the problem is with the line or with the handset.  Does anyone have any advice?  If not I will have to buy a new cheap phone to test the system.
Kind regards

The Best Answer

Hi, Kathie,
I referred your enquiry to Skype's partner vendor for assistance.
Best regards,
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