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Problems with "find nearby missing photos", not working like it should in LR4

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
After I imported photos into LR4 I decided to split the event within the same folder creating 2 subfolders and proceeded to move the files within the finder. Went to LR4 and synchronized the folder but it didn't fix the file location on the missing files. So I tried finding individual files and checked the "Find nearby missing photos" but this doesn't seem to work like it did in LR3, because it won't find any nearby missing files even though they are right there new to each other in the same folder.
I don't want to dremove them and re-import because I have added ratings and I fear I would loose this info if I did that...

The Best Answer

Your assumption that you would loose your ratings and develop settings is correct, if you would re-import.
Reimporting is never a good idea.
For the rest you have two alternatives: either you reconnect one image after another, or you undo on OS level what you did in the first place, then execute the move inside LR.
Depending on how many images you moved this could actually be the fastest route out.
"Find nearby missing photos" did not work reliably for me either in LR3. I have never found out when it did and when not, so I have preferred to learn how to perform any such operation inside LR.
Another valid question is why you do not use collections for your desired split , and leave the folders as they were.
According to my prejudice MAC users would not be as conservative in sticking to folder structures as Windows users..;-))
Once you master LR folders could be very unimportant storage buckets, as every angle for organizing your images would be covered by (smart) collections and keywords and other metadata.
Good luck, Cornelia