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Problem with Threads and a static variable

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I have a problem with the code below. I am yet to make sure that I understand the problem. Correct me if I am wrong please.
Code functionality:
A timer calls SetState every second. It sets the state and sets boolean variable "changed" to true. Then notifies a main process thread to check if the state changed to send a message.
The problem as far I understand is:
Assume the timer Thread calls SetState twice before the main process Thread runs. As a result, "changed" is set to true twice. However, since the main process is blocked twice during the two calls to SetState, when it runs it would have the two SetState timer threads blocked on its synchronized body. It will pass the first one, send the message and set "changed" to false since it was true. Now, it will pass the second thread, but here is the problem, "changed" is already set to false. As a result, it won't send the message even though it is supposed to.
Would you please let me know if my understanding is correct? If so, what would you propose to resolve the problem? Should I call wait some other or should I notify in a different way?
private static volatile boolean bChanged = false;
private static Thread objMainProcess;
   protected static void Init(){
        objMainProcess = new Thread() {
            public void run() {
                while( objMainProcess == Thread.currentThread() ) {
        objMainProcess.setDaemon( true );
    public static void initStatusTimer(){
        if(objTimer == null)
             objTimer = new javax.swing.Timer( 1000, new java.awt.event.ActionListener(){
                public void actionPerformed( java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt){
    private static void SetState(){
        if( objMainProcess == null ) return;
        synchronized( objMainProcess ) {
            bChanged = true;
            }catch( IllegalMonitorStateException e ) {}
    private static boolean GetState() {
        if( objMainProcess == null ) return false;
        synchronized( objMainProcess ) {
            if( bChanged) {
                bChanged = false;
                return true;
            try {
            }catch( InterruptedException e ) {}
            return false;

The Best Answer

Thanks DrClap for your reply. Everything you said is right. It is not easy to make them alternate since SetState() could be called from different places where the state could be anything else but a status message. Like a GREETING message for example. It is a handshaking message but not a status message.
Again as you said, There is a reason I can't call sendMessage() inside setState().
The only way I was able to do it is by having a counter of the number of notifies that have been called. Every time notify() is called a counter is incremented. Now instead of just checking if "changed" flag is true, I also check if notify counter is greater than zero. If both true, I send the message. If "changed" flag is false, I check again if the notify counter is greater than zero, I send the message. This way it works, but it is kind of a patch than a good design fix. I am yet to find a good solution.
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