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Problem with iPad3 gmail.

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Just got the iPad3 and having the problem to set up the gmail account. No problem in setting up yahoo email.
I have done with enabling imap and also POP. Entered email addresses to both smtp and imap and also password.
The feedback is always something like wrong password in imap or wrong setting with Gmail?
I have not use any mobile devices to access my gmail before and could this be the possible that gmail did not enable my account a mobile device to access? I seen the setting that one of the mobile device is iPhone available.

The Best Answer

Had the same problem with my iPad 3 and gmail....problem ended up being that I had the 2 part verification turned on for google/gmail.
Here's a link to a video made by google that describes how to generate and then enter an "application specific password" for your iPad...once you have this password, you can use the included gmail set-up and simply enter the long password that has been generated into the password field when setting the profile up and it will do the rest for you and should work.
Note the video starts at 2:13 because that's the relevant part 
Hope that helps.