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Problem with ClientListener in custom component

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have custom declarative component:
<af:commandImageLink icon="/img/trash.png" actionListener="#{TrashButtonBean.deleteRow}">
<af:setActionListener from="#{row.rowKeyStr}" to="#{TrashButtonBean.currentRowKetStr}"/>
*<af:clientListener type="click" method="confirm( 'Confirm delete' ); "/>*
It works but without ClientListener. Investigating with Firebug I found that onclick event always returns false and blocks operation:
<span class="nodeLabelBox repTarget">&lt;<span class="nodeTag">a<span class="nodeAttr editGroup"> <span class="nodeName editable">id="<span class="nodeValue editable">j_id_id4:j_id_id8:j_id_id14:7:j_id_id46:j_id_id1pc3"<span class="nodeAttr editGroup"> <span class="nodeName editable">class="<span class="nodeValue editable">xup"<span class="nodeAttr editGroup"> <span class="nodeName editable">href="<span class="nodeValue editable">#"<span class="nodeAttr editGroup"> <span class="nodeName editable">onclick="*<span class="nodeValue editable">return false;*"<span class="nodeBracket editable insertBefore">&gt;
<div class="nodeChildBox"><div class="nodeBox emptyNodeBox repIgnore selected"><div class="nodeLabel"><span class="nodeLabelBox repTarget"> &lt;<span class="nodeTag">img<span class="nodeAttr editGroup"> <span class="nodeName editable">id="<span class="nodeValue editable">j_id_id4:j_id_id8:j_id_id14:7:j_id_id46:j_id_id1pc3::icon"<span class="nodeAttr editGroup"> <span class="nodeName editable">class="<span class="nodeValue editable">xus"<span class="nodeAttr editGroup"> <span class="nodeName editable">src="<span class="nodeValue editable">/ReusableComponentsTest-ViewController-context-root/img/trash.png"<span class="nodeBracket editable insertBefore">/&gt;
<div class="nodeCloseLabel"><span class="nodeCloseLabelBox repTarget">&lt;/<span class="nodeTag">a&gt;
Any idea.

The Best Answer

Using af:popup I get PPR - null pointer exception, because popup behavior blocks af:setActionListener that I use to pass rowKeyStr to managed bean.
Your solution also doesn't work. here is my code:
&lt;af:componentDef var="attrs" componentVar="TrashButton"&gt;
&lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;
function confirmDelete(){
var agree=confirm('Confirm delete');
if (agree){
return true ;
return false;
&lt;af:commandImageLink icon="/img/trash.png" actionListener="#{TrashButtonBean.deleteRow}"&gt;
&lt;af:setActionListener from="#{row.rowKeyStr}" to="#{TrashButtonBean.currentRowKetStr}"/&gt;
&lt;af:clientListener type="click" method="confirmDelete"/&gt;
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