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Problem in creation of sales order using BAPI

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Hi Guru's,
              I am currently working on Minimum Order Value problem. If the ordered item is less than 5$, the requirement is to add a new material MOV to the existing order by filling the difference amount and making it to 5 pounds. I am using the bapi BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE to amend the existing order with the MOV material. The material is getting created successfully and the order is getting amended. When i tried to process the order for billing It shows incompletion log exist. On checking the incompletion log it shows "missing configuration". But when i go to the configuration of the material it shows green sign. <b>The most important thing is the material MOV has 2 configuration profile, I believe there is a confusion in selecting the configuration profile for creation of MOV </b>. I came to know about that problem because when i go to change mode (VA02) and try to check the configuration, It askes me to choose the configuration profile and when i choose the configuration profile incompletion log is cleared. When i save the order and send it to billing the billing happens successfully. Could any one help me on this issue.......
Parameters passed to BAPI for configuration.
   st_order_cfgs_ref-posex = '900010'.            "PM14/06/07
  st_order_cfgs_ref-config_id = '000010'.       "PM14/06/07
  st_order_cfgs_ref-root_id = '10000010'.         "PM14/06/07
  append st_order_cfgs_ref to t_order_cfgs_ref.   "PM14/06/07
st_order_cfgs_inst-config_id = '000010'.       "PM14/06/07
  st_order_cfgs_inst-inst_id = '10000010'.         "PM14/06/07
  append st_order_cfgs_inst to t_order_cfgs_inst.   "PM14/06/07
  st_order_cfgs_refinst-posex = '900010'.       "PM14/06/07
st_order_cfgs_refinst-config_id = '000010'.       "PM14/06/07
  st_order_cfgs_refinst-inst_id = '10000010'.         "PM14/06/07
  append st_order_cfgs_refinst to t_order_cfgs_refinst.   "PM14/06/07
Thanks in advance...

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Did u have a look at the standard programs which make use of BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1
Heres a list...
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