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Problem in BI-BO Integration

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hi Experts,
Following is our Landscape Details....
1. BI 7.0
2. BO XI3.1
We seem to face a unique problem, we have successfully configured an SSO between BI and BO wherein Roles in BI get created as groups in BO.
But the problem faced with the same is whenever we create a new Role in BI it does not get directly reflected in BO. We need to Re-Boot the BO PD Server so that group list in BO gets re-freshed and new role from BI is reflected in BO as group. 
Please guide...
Ankeet Pujara

The Best Answer

Hi Gaetan,
Yes it is manual...  sorry actaally my problem is when we import role sand assing to a particular user we with necessay access specifiers we need to re-boot server to get the roles reflected in user's account.
Apologies for incorrect statement.... Awaiting your reply.
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