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Problem caused with appt times by changing calendar time zone support?

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I've got a 30Gb iPod Touch, version 4.0.2.
I've always kept the Settings' Date & Time timezone for the correct location, but it was only a while back that I realized that there was also a Time Zone under the Settings, Calendar, and so I changed it so that it was correct (it was previously set to Kabul, AF time, and it was then changed to Ottawa, ON time).
I'm thinking that this may have messed up all my future appointments, as my appointments have been switched to midnight or somewhere near it, for the day prior to when the appointment was supposed to have been. I can't think of anything else that would be causing this, and didn't see this exact problem occurring for anyone else when I did a search of the discussions.
Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening and what I can do to set it right?

The Best Answer

Hi Cindiii,
Time zone support has often been a point of contention and confusion for many users. Unfortunately, there is no simple fix at the present time. Do you have any idea as to why you touch was set to Kabul? Did you buy it new? If not, perhaps the last user had it set to this time?
In any case, Calendar does allow for its own time zone settings. This is to allow the user to create events for his/her home time zone while traveling. Even if your system time zone reflects the current time zone that you are in, appointments added to Cakendar will show up in the time zine that you choose based in the time zone you set in the Calendar settings.
This definitely sets up conflicts if you are trying to schedule an appointment that is outside of your home time zone. Now that you have switched the time zone in your Calendar settings to your home time zone, there is nothing you can do about the events already created. As I see it, you have only two options:
1. Change the time zone back to Kabul time and view your events as though they were your local time, or
2. Leave the time zone in the Calendar settings to your home time zone and either time adjust the events in your head (knowing the time difference), or manually changing them to the correct time one by one.
I'm sorry this doesn't provide you with a magic solution, but I really don't see any other alternatives.