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Problem calling Mac to Iphone?

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I had this problem (I could call Iphone to Mac OK but not the other way round) and I found the solution was to EDIT entries inmy phone book to remove the . in any numbers!  ie my phonebook entries were say  123.454.5656 and this would never work, as soon as I removed the dots it worked fine.
Simple eh?  Wouldnt it be nice if Apple suggested this?  I see there are hundreds of questions on here about connection on facetime.  Good luck!

The Best Answer

Hi martincouture100,
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The article below may be able to help you with this.
Click on the link to see more details and screenshots. 
iTunes 11 for Mac: Add iBooks and audiobooks to iPod, iPhone, or iPad
Sync iBooks or audiobooks to your device
Connect your device to your computer and select your device in iTunes.
Click the Books button.
Do either or both of the following:
Sync iBooks: Select Sync Books, then click “All books,” or click “Selected books” and select the iBooks you want to add.
Sync audiobooks: Select Sync Audiobooks, then click “All audiobooks,” or click “Selected audiobooks” and select the audiobooks you want to add.
Click Apply.
- Judy