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Problem adding a new tab to e-Recruiting

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I am facing the following problem in adding a new tab in the E-Recruitment (Manpower Requisition) application. The developer had created a new BSP page of the following information.
Name space: SAP
Application: ZHR_MPOWER_REQ
Controller URL: MPR.DO
A customized element (9001) had also been created with the above information.
I have also created a context ZTEST and a Container Seq '1000' and under the Container Seq, I have allocated a few assignment of Element of which I have assigned the new element - 9001.
Having assigned the above, I am still unable to see the new tab in the link. Please let me know if there are any missing steps.

The Best Answer

Just want to check, r u able to Run the Custom BSP as a Standard alone application ?.
Have you Configure T77RCF_APPl_LOG table ?.
Alvin, i could not see why you could not see the BSP Page.
Please got to t-code  SLG1 and check the log's why it's not coming.
Could you please give more details, what you have done.
Thanks & Regards
Sabba Ravi