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Printing Contact Sheets

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I am trying to print a 4.5 x 5.75 contact sheet of 8 images, which I have saved as a preset. I have printed this many times in the past but this time I am getting a error message (which appears in the print dialog box too quickly for me to read.)
Anyways it seems to be isolated to printing contact sheets. If I try to print a single image from Aperture there is no problem. I have tried rebuilding my Aperture library, tried rebooting, but don't know what else to try?
Any suggestions?
Thanks for the help.

The Best Answer

One poster pointed out that you could create a book using the Year Book theme. There you can select to have anywhere from 1 to 32 images per page and include the file names underneath the photos if desired. Then print the book to PDF and then print each page to hardcopy. Don't know if that will reduce your overall assembly time but you will be able to have the file names or titles printed also.
Another way is to create an html gallery, display in Safari and then print. Here's how:
Creating Contact Sheet with Titles
1 - Put the files you want to print in an album and arrange in the order you'd like.
2 - Go to the File->Export->Web Page menu option.
3 - While in the Web page window, select the number of thumbnails you'd like across each page (iPhoto will keep you informed on how many pages it will take).
4 - Click on Show Title under thumbnails and click on Export. Then select the location where you'd like the resulting files to be saved (create a temporary folder to contain them).
5 - Once saved, go the folder and open the index.html file with your browser. You will get a page with your thumbnails and titles beneath them.
6 - Print that browser page and you've got your contact sheet with file names (or comments if desired).
If you want more control over the thumbnail gallery, try using BetterHTMLExport or Galerie
Good luck.
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