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Pricing problem : one product two treatment,one single customer

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dear all,
i am facing a strange problem
i m having some material which is under one division one distribution channel and one sale organization,and also the customer is same,but the customer some times taking the product for internal use of their company so they order it as general product and charging 4% tax on it
and some times they are asking product as spare and the spare is rate is hihg ,the tax is 12.5%then additional cess and exice duty is there
so the treat ment is totally different
can any body help me to solve this
shoud i make another division
should i make another distribution channel shoud i use another pricing procedure
should i use another order type to raise the order
please please solve the problem
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The Best Answer

Hi Subrat,
Pls split the problem as follows.
In the system perspective, what will differentiate the internal sales from general sales or spare parts sale. To my understanding, if soemthing is sold for internal sales, it is sold in a particular way(Distribution channel) which is different from the way it is sold as a spare part. So extend this material to two D.C., one for internal sales and another for sparepart sales.
Also find out who will be the partners in both the cases. Are there any dedicated partners for one process who cant be a partner for other process. For example a payer for internal sales cant be a payer for spare part sales.
Like this try to find out the unique organisational entities for both the processes.
Then create your condition tables based on these entities so that you can maintain different values for the same condition type based on different values of the organisational entities (Distribution channel, payer, sold to party etc)
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