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Prepopulate process form of Disconnected Application Instance not working

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Hi All,
I have a created a Disconnected application instance (OIM 11.1.2) and need to prepopulate Process form when this will be requested from catalog.
Prepopulating is working but not as expected.
Exact Situation
1) Login to self service page and select a user
2) from accounts tab -> click request Account
3) Catalog page will be opened and select the disconnected application instance
4) check out
5) In the check out page, process form and child form are displayed(I attached child form also)
6) "Prepopulate adapters are not populating the fields in check out page"
7) Submit the request with blank details (blank form fields).
8) Log out and Login as 'Xelsysadm' (By default request goes to 'XELSYSADM'). When opened the request, Here fields are prepopulated
1) Fields should be prepopulated in check Out page, before submiting the request.So, that the requestor could view the details before submitting.
The following are checked
1) In the process definition (from design Console) of disconnected app instance, 'Auto save form' and 'Auto prepopulate' is checked
Please tell me, what else could be done, to make this work
Thanks in advance....
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The Best Answer

Thanks for reply..
I could not find "oracle.iam.request.plugins.PrePopulationAdapter" details in OIM 11.1.2 API
Could u please share API details, and link where I can find its details....

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