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Premier Elements 7 - ARRGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

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I am in the process of making a video for my cheer squad and to say
I am frustrated would be an understatement....  Premier shuts off when it wants, freezes and
I have to save after I edit each and every picture.  I only have still images and am trying to add title pages, etc.
I have a Dell desktop, Windows Vista 32 bit... PLENTY of memory on my computer and my graphics card is an Intel Chipset (not sure exactly which one - I am at work and dont have the specs with me!!)....  I have until Sunday to finish this project and I am getting soooooooo nervous I won't be able to finish... It has taken me a month to get this far and who knows what will happen when I have to add music!!!!  Half of the time when I turn on the program and pull up the saved file, my photos in the scene line are upside down.  And that is if they are showing at all....  I updated all drivers and turned off all unnecessary start up programs... What the heck is going on with this program?  

The Best Answer

Unfortunately, once you have Imported the images, one needs to re-Import the resized images.
Now, I have had luck by replacing Imported files with different ones, from the same folder and with the same name.
Let's take this step-by-steop:
1.) In your original Project, do a Save_As, and maybe add "test" to the file name, or locate it into a totally separate folder. We want to work with a new version of your Project, and not the original. Close PrE.
2.) In Windows Explorer/My Computer, navigate to the folder with the large still images, and Move them to a working folder. Do not Move, Rename or Delete the now empty folder, where they were. We're gonna' fill it with the resized images in a moment.
3.) Look over this ARTICLE on automating the Scaling/resizing in Photoshop (PS) (most works just fine in PSE too). What we want to do is set the images that we just Moved, as our Source Images/Source Folder. We want to make sure that the file names do NOT change, and that the Destination Folder is our now empty one - where the Source Files were just Moved from.
4.) When you have resized all of your images to match your Project's Frame Size, and filled that original folder with those, with the same file names as the originals - the ones we Moved, launch PrE, and Open your "test" Project. Since you still have the same links, the same file names and the same location, the resized images should come into your test Project. In case things go very wrong, just Move the resized images out, leaving the empty folder again, and Copy, or Move the original large files back into it. Now, you can use your original Project, the one that we held onto for safe keeping.
Good luck,