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Post laptop crash: form won't submit/can't access network resource

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I distributed a form on 5/12 through the 'distribute form wizard' in Acrobat 9 Pro. On 5/14 my laptop motherboard fried. We retrieved my data & imaged another computer, but then my responses file seemed to have issues, not wanting to import any responses, and it appeared I'd lost data. Fastforward to today: I have my laptop back w/new motherboard, and the original responses file is intact including data from responses made last week before the crash. Form submission deadline was yesterday, and I'm missing responses I expected to have by now. I used the link to checkout the form's condition and filled it out myself and learned it can't be submitted.Error msg: 'Acrobat could not submit your data. Please see Tracker for more information.' Tracker says Could not access the network resource.
So the question is..... how do I fix this, and can I repair this without notifying all the people or what? This is critical - I'd done so much testing before distributing the form, but who would have known the end was near for my motherboard? I'm assuming that incident had something to do with all this, although I'm not sure I understand exactly why. Please help...thanks! --Karen <>

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Hi.  I have had very similar problems and have not received any help at all.  Have you?