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Possible workaround for: Launch Debugger Error "Unable to connect to the RDS server"

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I do not yet have a reproducible case for this. *Sometimes* ColdFusion Builder throws the "Unable to connect to the RDS server" error, when attempting to start a debug session against a remote server. However, "RDS Dataview" and "RDS Fileview" views correctly list the servers and their related data/file, and testing RDS connection result is "Test connection was successful". The workaround is:
1. Login to the ColdFusion Administrator
2. Navigate to "Debugger Settings" page (beneath "Debugging & Logging")
3. Click on "Stop Debugger Server" -or- "Restart Debugger Server"
4. Restart ColdFusion Application Server
a) Step #3 must be done via ColdFusion Administrator, not via ColdFusion Admin API (stopLineDebugger()|restartLineDebugger())
b) Step #4 can be done via ColdFusion Administrator -or- ColdFusion Builder
c) Note that there is a CF9 Release Note for Bug #78488: "When a server having "Windows service option" ENABLED is added as a remote server, then Start-Stop-Restart operation cannot be done on it."  However, I've found that "Restarting" a remote server, that is running as a Windows service, is possible in ColdFusion Builder (at least this is so on standalone developer edition).  Like Bug #78488 says, I am unable to "Stop|Start" a remote server that is running as a Windows service. I'm just mentioning all of this, due to my suggestion in "b", that CF can also be restarted via ColdFusion Builder.
It is interesting that attempts to stop|restart the debugger server, via CF Admin API, do not resolve the issue. So, it seems that the "Stop Debugger Server" and "Restart Debugger Server" buttons, in CF Admin, are doing more than calling the corresponding CF Admin API methods.
Attached is an image of the error.
Just posting all of this as an FYI, in case it helps anyone.
-Aaron Neff
(OH.. I'm unable to attach images at this time *DOH!* ..well, I'll try to remember to update this post w/ the image, once I see that attachments are allowed.)
I'll try to describe the error message window:
- It is 494x452 pixels
- Title of the window is "Error occurred while launching the Debugger"
- Body content of the window is as follows:
Unable to connect to the RDS server 'ServerNameHere'
Ensure that the server is currently running and that line debugging and RDS are enabled. You may also need to check your RDS connection settings in Eclipse to ensure that they are correct.
Error Message:
-1:Error connecting to JVM for debugging at localhost:5005. Could not attach to the VM at port 5005. You must specify this debugger port in the JVM settings of your application server, for example: -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005. You will also need to make sure that another debugger is not currently connected to the CF JVM at the same port (5005).
Root cause ->
Connect refused: connect

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