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Possible Internet Tethering/Battery Life Issue

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
When either Cellular Data is turned Off, or Airplane Mode is turned On, Internet Tethering (Settings>General>Network) appears to have some process that runs continually in the background (evident by continuously spinning wheel next to the option). The running process has a demonstratively negative impact on battery life (1/3 reduction in ~ 30 mins). The Apple Genius at my local Apple Store and I verified the issue on numerous iPhone 4s that were on display. Turning Cellular Data On and ensuring the phone is not in Airplane Mode stops the activity. But obviously that defeats the purpose of having those options.
So if you are experiencing poor battery life, this might be your issue.
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The Best Answer

Could this be causing the unexplained usage and data transfer? I have been trying to find what is causing this.