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Piano Roll Incorrect Note Playback

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I've been recording through my keyboard into the computer no problem for ages. I recorded a song last night, played it back soo many times and this afternoon I am about to put more instruments in, and the piano roll is playing B2 as E2. It's only in one track and it doesn't matter whether I copy it from one track to a different track, it keeps reading this one note as a completely different one. I have also tried dragging another note down to it. When I click on the note, it recognises it, but then when I play it again, it goes back to reading B2 as E2. I've tried closing and opening the app to no avail. Any suggestions?

The Best Answer

10 and Steinway piano I think. Using my keyboard to play through it. Works with everything else. It's just so weird. That one track gets confused and I found out that another segment further on where I re-recorded and that gets confused between two completely different notes! For now I've deleted it and started again. I was paranoid that if I added to the file that other keyboard tracks would get confused. So far no other file has been confused *fingers crossed* but i was wondering. Whether I had pressed something by accident that changed the keys around