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Photosmart 7520 error. there is a problem with the printer. turn printer off then on.

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I have a photosmart 7520 experiencing the following issues.
Problem #1:   Randomly all the lights start to blink off and on and the display reads the following :  
Error . There is a problem with the printer. Turn printer off then on.
I cannot find any one action that triggers this to happen.
Problem #2:  When the printer is turned on and idle,  also at RANDOM times, the printer will "Ding" followed by the  wireless light blinking. Then what sounds like the cartridges being cleaned, then a sound like the feeder spinning or the print head running full track from side to side, then ending with a "Ding" and then returning to normal.
When this occurs, the wireless connection is disconnected then reconnected. Also this Disables the "Scan to computer" function to all the computers on the network and requires manually re-enabling all .
From what I can tell the printer is restarting itself. 
It is plugged directly into the wall outlet, no surge protector.
Tech support has already run me through the clean the print head steps, escalated me up the chain, and ultimately replaced the printer with a brand new one.
This printer is connected wirelessly to a Netgear N900 router. My computers all running Windows 7, all are on the same network and workgroup and all are running Mcafee Total Protection.
If anyone is or has experienced the same or similar problems, I could sure use some help.
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How did you fix this?
I replaced an HP printer recently for a new Photosmart 7520 after a complete ink container emptied into the printer.
The old printer sometimes had difficulties switching it on and the new printer has the same problem.
Also the wireless connection regulary drops and can only be reenabled by switching of the printer and switching it back on, only this sometimes takes more than ten minutes before a simple push on the power button is translated in a power on of the printer.
Since the previous printer also suffered from these "power" issues, I think the problems are power related, but I have to check this first before I can say anything more about this.

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