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Photoshop element 13 don't find/recognize my former catalog from my previous version (Photoshop Element 10)

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I have been using Photoshop element for several years, and I have 3 different catalog in use. I have recently purchased photoshop element 13 and just downloaded the version. It seems correctly installed but had only recovered one catalog out of the 3 I am using (in fact, it had converted the catalog that what last used with PE10).
So with Photoshop Element 13 I use the menu catalog management in order to get the other catalog and convert them also. But it seems that none of my pervious catalog are recognized even if I give the right directory

The Best Answer

After talking to 3 different Canon techs who didn't know anything about
this and told me it was Adobe's fault, a 4th Canon tech e-mailed me a list
of the Elements software that is "compatible" with the Canon Pro-10
printer. The list stops at Elements 12! In other words, Canon has not
written the software for their plug-in to work with Elements 13 yet. I
personally am stunned by this. Considering how popular Adobe Elements is,
you'd think Canon would be up-to-date on having their new printer's plug-in
work with Elements 13, which has been out there for some time.
Not only that, Canon's more expensive printer, the Canon PRO-100, also has
the same problem. My friend just bought one and told me the plug-in doesn't
work with Elements 13.
I have figured out a solution, if it will be of help. I had just
uninstalled Adobe Elements 12 and when I saw that Canon's plug-in worked
with Elements 12, I quickly reinstalled it. Sure enough, when I clicked on
AUTOMATION TOOLS there was the Canon plug-in, and when I clicked on it, the
Canon print screen opened. So I decided I would do my photo editing in
Elements 13, and when ready to print I would open the photo in Elements 12
and print it there. Hope that helps.
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