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Photoshop CS6: Auto Crop and Straighten work wrong (EDIT)

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Hello together,
I use the Creative Cloud for Students (German) and have make for some days an update of my programs like Photoshop CS6.
Since today the option of automatic crop and straighten makes some big problems.
I make following Steps:
1.) Duplicate the level and make the first level invisible.
2.) I use the crop tool to mark the details which I want to have free.
3.) Click on the mask symbole in the level section
4.) At the end I click "auto crop and straighten"
It makes 39 little pics out of one. This isn't what I want to do and it is since the last update.
--> Edit end.
I hope someone understand my problem and can help.
Markus from Germany

The Best Answer

Since your question asks "Could we ..." I would like to state that "we" cannot do such a thing. "We" here in this forum are Lightroom users, and not Adobe employees. If you'd like to make a request for a specific new feature in Lightroom, there is a link right here on the front page of this forum to the proper place to make feature requests.