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Photo enlargement when burning iMovie to iDVD

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I am currently making a slide show on iMovie. 40 to 50 photos. After burning to DVD there is ONE photo that enlarges out of space. It is the same photo every time. I have tried Ken Burns ON, Off and Fixed. It plays fine on the computer but when I play it on DVD with TV this same photo keeps enlarging completely out of the photo space. All photo were taken with same camera, go figure. I have "Shared" iMovie to Desktop and then drag and drop in idvd. I have also burned from iMove to iDVD and still this ONE photo will not transfer correctly. Even tried scanning to iPhoto JPEG and still it won't work. And tried scanning the business card to iPhoto to JPEG. Anybody got any ideas. This is driving me up the wall.

The Best Answer

I find that using Share>Media Browser and selecting the HD 720p option works well with iDVD. I haven't tested this recently (so it may have improved), but the option to Share to iDVD appears to produce inferior results compared to the Media Browser option. Others here have reported this also. Bear in mind though that I'm using interlaced imports - AVCHD, either as Full (1920 x 1080) or Large (960 x 540).
The Media Browser option produces an H.264 file, either in an .m4v container or a .mov container, depending on the size. The Share to iDVD method, however, produces an Apple Intermediate Codec file (AIC) - at least the last time I checked. Perhaps iDVD doesn't handle AIC as efficiently as H.264.
You can access the shared movie in iDVD's Media>Movies panel. Just drag it from there into the iDVD theme background.
I'm not sure that I've addressed all the points in your post Guy, but I hope this helps in some way.