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Photo album: enlarged thumbnails' layer

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
This problem appears only in IE6 and 7, not Firefox or Safari. When I mouseover a thumb it enlarges, but instead of the enlarging OVER the adjoining thumbs, it enlarges UNDER its neighboring thumbs' layer. Here's the sample (slavishly copied from the demo, with new images inserted).
Any suggestion for fixing this IE anomaly?
I'm not attaching any files at this point because I suspect others have encountered this issue and the remedy may be well known, with no need to comb thru my files. Can provide if useful, though.
Thanks in advance.

The Best Answer

Your problem may be easily done by changing the CSS
properties of the divs that contains each photos. They are left
floated and included into a container div 'thumbnails' with a fix
width. You should divide this width to the number of columns you
desire and set this result as the width of the small floated div.