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Performance of "Distribute by key" in Integrated Planning

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I am currently working on an assesment solution in Integrated Planning on SAP BI 7.0, SP 12.
I amcreating a small test where I have copied appr. 5500 records into a transactional cube. On this cube I have a separate aggregation level which is basis for the next step.
Then I want to distribute these 5500 records. I created a "Distribute by key" function for this without selections, doing a top-down for all, changing 0PROFIT_CTR to a specific value with the factor 50. Regarding the factor there used to be 2 lines but I deleted one to debug.
Then I added this to a planning sequence as the only function. Running this in the dialog process it reads 5500 records and moves them to the correct 0PROFIT_CTR.
HOWEVER, it takes around 30 minutes!!! Doing it in the background isn't much better. There are no other processes running, and performance is besides from this quite good.
Do you have any explanation for this?
Br Karsten

The Best Answer

SAP has solved the issue. You can see the solution from the correspondance below:
Hello Karsten,                                                            
the filter does not only restrict the transaction data that you are       
processing. It is also taken into account when the system generates       
possible characteristic combinations which is done in your case.          
Without restriction, the system tries to generate all possible            
combinations. With a restriction in the filter, only the master data      
values within the filter restriction will be used in the characteristic   
Best regards, Dirk Schneider                                                                               
17.07.2007 - 12:02:25 CET    Core Team    Info for SAP                    
Hi Dirk                                                                               
Thank you for your feedback!                                                                               
However, I have an elaborating question.                                                                               
Why should I restrict better in the filter? I could also filter on        
period but I would still get the same amount of records. But would it     
still improve performance due to the characteristic combination           
creation? If so, why?                                                     
I am just trying to understand the issue, so I can avoid it in the        
Kind regards                                                              
17.07.2007 - 10:56:18 CET    SAP    Reply                                 
Dear Karsten,                                                                               
it seems the situation described in SAP Note 1015400 applies to your      
problem with the planning function performance.                           
The system is busy with creating characteristic combinations for          
the characteristic relationships. Please apply the note in your           
system and find a better restriction for filter DISTKEYTEST.              
Then test the performance again.                                                                               
Yours sincerely,                                                                               
Dirk Schneider                                                            
SAP AG, Active Global Support, Regional COE EMEA
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