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PDF forms and how they work with different Reader versions

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I'll start this off by giving a little background information and describing a workflow scenario. I work as an InHouse designer for a company that keeps the majority of the employee population always a few versions behind. Fortunately, for us designers they keep us updated, but it doesn't always play nicely when you're saving your PDFs for older versions of Acrobat Reader.
What happens is that I create a form in InDesign, export a PDF, and then create my form fields in Acrobat Pro 9 on a Mac. After saving for version 9 I then take the PDF and test within the Windows environment which our IT is enforcing Acrobat Reader 7. The PDF opens ok and I can fill out the form, but I cannot save. I then open in Acrobat Pro 7 for Windows and then it gives the option to save or make modifications.
My questions really come down to whether or not Reader 7 is doing this because of how old the technology is, or if that would change if our IT would allow Acrobat Reader 8 or 9? Now I've looked at the Acrobat Pro 9 comparison chart and it states "Enable users of Adobe Reader®   (version 8 or later) to fill in and save PDF forms locally." Does this mean that we just need version 8 or 9 and then people can save the form? What in version 7 is causing us not to be able to save? Did that change the technology in some way? I'm trying to figure out if we get IT to upgrade users to Reader 9 if this will solve the issue or will they have to install Acrobat Standard/Pro 9 to save a PDF form?
What other selling points could we make to our IT department that using Reader 9 is a lot better than using Reader 7? Any technology benefits, security or functions?

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~graffiti wrote:
No version of Reader can save a filled in form unless it has been enabled first.
To enable, open the file in Acrobat then go to Advanced>Enable usage rights in Adobe Reader...
And for my standard disclaimer, if you are going to use the forms in a corporate environment, be sure to study and understand the usage limits for enabled forms (the limit is 500 uses, but there are caveats to that) in the EULA. Mostly the enabled forms are meant for very small time users. If you do not meet that requirement, Adobe sells another product that can enable files for unlimited uses but it costs in the tens of thousands of dollars and is a server side solution.
Hey Graffii,
I enabled the usage rights and that did help with saving in Reader 7. I am a little concerned about the limit of 500 uses. Let me try and understand you a little better. I have a PDF that has a couple form fields and you're saying that the PDF can only be opened 500 times? I've never heard of restrictions on PDFs before. Does this happen after you place just 1 form field? How do I find out more information? I looked in the EULA, but found nothing.
Also, what does Adobe mean here "Enable users of Adobe Reader®   (version 8 or later) to fill in and save PDF forms locally." Are they saying that you need Reader 8 or later to read a form or that you need Acrobat Pro 8 or later to enable the form feature?
It's all very confusing because one of the features they tout in version 9 is the ability to save forms locally, but once I enable the form I could save it with Reader 7. It's hard to tell if they are referring to Reader 9 or Acrobat Pro 9.