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  • No service after porting Update:12-10

    Hi Folks, I ported my number from Sprint to Verizon, but now I don't have service (I have reception, but am unable to make calls or send/receive texts). I've already received the text message stating the port is complete, and checking the port status

  • Mavericks Server-Need to get PHP and website working. Update:12-10

    Folks, I am not sure what to do here.  I am trying to get a website (jetphoto aka jpserver) working on our Mavericks server and I just don't know what I am missing.  I am trying to get it working on our local network before over the internet. I place

  • HT1430 i am unable to swipe either to open the phone or turn the phone off to see if the phone will reboot itself . any suggestions Update:12-10

    I am unable to swipe either to open the phone or turn the phone off to see if the phone will reboot itself . any suggestionsRead other 9 answers

  • Mod_perl/Installing RT Request Tracker Update:12-10

    Hi, I'm trying to install RT Tracker on Mac OS X 10.5 following these instructions: I don't want to build apache, I just want to install mod_perl running side by side w/ mod_php, is there an

  • Garbled? Update:12-10

    Hello- I'm currently using Mac Ports version of Apache. Tried installing the module for apache but I ended up with an error upon starting apache. There's also one error reported on the install. Both are listed below. Bruce Operating System (platform

  • Unable to connect to bose system Update:12-10

    New Iphone 5 unable to connect to car phone or bose system, no problems with Iphone 3g.Thank you! It worked!!Read other 4 answers

  • Apache2 crashes on restart after enabling ssl Update:12-10

    Hello, I have a problem with a xserve 2.26ghz quad-core running MacOS X Server 10.5.8 with the last updates. When I want to enable ssl on Apache2 with a test certificate (with ServerAdmin or SSH in /etc/apache2), Apache2 crashes on restart after it a

  • Unable to connect to apple store? Update:12-10

    Hi, Pls I need help in sorting out this problem. Since more than one month I am unable to connect to my apple store or make upgrade. The message is "unable to connect to apple store".. I don't have any problem with my connection as I can use all

  • Unable to received phone calls & SMS Update:12-10

    Hi, My iPhone 4s unable to received phone calls and sms. I would like to seek for advice on these problems. Thank you.step 1 reset network settings settings >general>reset reset network settings or step 2 backup and restore

  • How can we find formula function in Payroll Formula Update:12-10

    Guys, As far as concern regarding oracle functionality is very vast in particularly in payroll process, mostly functions are built-in to avoid user to create any custom code, but it is not fully covered business requirement. Therefore we need to crea

  • Impossible to make phone calls... drop drop drop... Update:12-10

    By now it's impossible to make phone calls because they drop every single time after about 3 seconds. My phone goes completely dead from the other side, they tell me. I love this phone for everything else, but shouldn't at least the phone function wo

  • Want to make phone calls via bluetooth on my iPhone from iPad Update:12-10

    I can link my Garmin GPS to my iPhone via Bluetooth and make or receive phone calls. I would like an iPas app that provides the sametype functionality including: Make calls Receive calls Look uphone numbers Is this possible?  Using what app?There are

  • HELP: Run-time array dimension in LabVIEW formula node Update:12-10

    I need to dimension an array at run time within a formula node as follows: int32 i,N; N = sizeOfDim(inputArray,0); float64 outputArray[N]; for (i = 0; i outputArray[i] = myfunction(inputArray[i]); However, LabVIEW complains "Formula Node: index list

  • How to use third party DLL's in LabVIEW Update:12-10

    Hi all, Am using maxon EPOS 2 (Easy Positionning system) to control the EC motor. It comes with the 32-Bit Windows DLL for labVIEW. How to use these library unctions in labVIEW properly? When i try to call those library function in a LabVIEW program,

  • J2me API to make phone calls Update:12-10

    i want to know whether there is any API available in J2ME to make phone callsDear chiranjiib0207, you can place a call by calling the MIDP 2.0 platformRequest method inside the MIDlet class as follows: platformRequest("tel://mobileNumber") this

  • Cannot find older CAN-2.0 .vi's in labview 2009 Update:12-10

    Hi, I'm trying to use a (rather old) Series 1 PCMCIA-CAN/2 card in Labview 2009.   I've installed latest NI-CAN driver that supports this old card (NI-CAN 2.0, I think), but I don't see any of the can.llb vi's in the functions palette.  The CAN-2.0 d

  • How to use cfp ctr 502 for rpm measure+cfp configure in labview Update:12-10

    i'm new in handling cFP's,i need to measure rpm of an engine using cFP CTR 502.Plz i need detail regarding which method either pulse counting or frequency method is required for my application,Plz also tell me is there any possibility of configuring

  • My BB Torch 9800 stucks when i open the slide Update:12-10

    i have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 ........ When the slide is closed it works well but when i open the the slide the screen stucks or sometimes goes black ........ Then again when i close the slide slowly it starts working in 30 minutes - 1 day ....... H

  • Ultrabeat's pan mod function? Update:12-10

    Ultrabeat's pan mod function? Could someone please explain to me how Ultrabeat's pan mod function works? I know how to use automation in LPX's Tracks Area to automate panning but I'd like to avoid that on this occasion. I also tried using the LFO to

  • Dijkstra's Algorithm in LabVIEW Update:12-10

    So I've attempted to undergo the painful task of trying to implement dijkstra's algorithm in LabVIEW. The problem is that I think I am going about doing this wrong, or at least not in the most efficient manner. I've attached my VI so people can take