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  • Calibration Cert is not available online after calibration. Update:12-10

    part #187570B-01, serial #1003922. Lee Bohot 713-254-4825 [email protected]Greetings, I ran the Calibration Certificate Generator (link available below) with your serial number, and it was successful. Maybe the utility was down when you used it. You

  • OC4J Install for APEX printing Update:12-10

    Hi, I have an Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition insalled on my Windows 2008 server. I am now trying to get the report printing option to work within APEX. One of the options was to use OC4J + Apache FOP to get this going. However, I'm hitting problems wh

  • Display disappearing after two seconds Update:12-10

    My Macbook (about 2 years old) was fine all of last night, but this morning I opened it up and the display disappeared after a minute. Now it disappears after just a brief second. I can toy with the brightness bringing it down all the way then up one

  • Apache and DynDNS... HELP! Update:12-10

    Hey everyone, i have a not so little problem with the whole Apache thing, and was wondering if anyone can help... Basically, i've created my website in iWeb, exported it to the usual /User/Sites folder where you can access it via typing your ip addre

  • Display dark after bootcamp? Update:12-10

    After I installed the Apple support drivers the screen display was dark, I downloaded the latest nvydia drivers and the screen display is what you would expect, trouble is when I reboot the display goes dark again. Its almost like the updates are rev

  • Display Hint after 3 incorrect clicks Update:12-10

    I have recorded a training simulation and very much enjoy the "Hints" which are displayed when you rollover a click box. However, I would like to know how you can automatically display the hint after 3 incorrect clicks (or clicks outside of the

  • HT1212 i have problem with my i pad Update:12-10

    i send my respect and best wishes, i had  problem with my i pad , before one week i put new passcod and my brother tries many times to put wrong passcode , after that i find my i pad appear i pad is disabled connect to the i tunes. i tred to fixt it

  • OC4J intermittently not responding to OHS Update:12-10

    We deployed a CRM type system into Production over the last few weeks. We are having the usual environmental issues, but nothing we can't handle. We are however experiencing one very unusual type of behaviour. Every so often, even if the system isn't

  • Apache 2.2.13 released Update:12-10

    All, The ASF has released and announced Apache 2.2.13: NetWare binaries are up at usual place: please use a nearby mirror whenever possible: http

  • OS X Mavericks freezes every 15 seconds Update:12-10

    Hi community , in brief ,after 2 forced shutdowns , my mac keeps freezing every laps of time(between 15 to 1minute), especialy when i open google chrome or lunch video or music. No Google drive and no Logitech Mouse connected to my MacBook pr mid 201

  • IMac Mid 2007 (OS X Mavericks 10.9.4) doesn't go to sleep Update:12-10

    Hello, i have an issue with my iMac Mid 2007 with OS X Mavericks : On my primary account my mac never goes to sleep even if there is no app open or itunes or spotify playing. I've tried to disable everything and restore energy savings default but did

  • Major virus on my iMac 27' Update:12-10

    Hello I have a major virus on my computer Up until today my computer was working perfectly. Then suddenly my keyboard keys stopped working properly. Some of the keys mixed and some did not work at all. For example, the delete key became the volume do

  • Hello, I have a problem with iPhone 5c softhware update ( The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (27)) Update:12-10

    Hello, I have a problem with iPhone 5c softhware update ( The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (27))Error 1 or -1 This may indicate a hardware issue with your device. Follow Troubleshooting security software issue

  • Anyone updated system running OS X Server 2.2.2 with Security Update 2014-001 (Mountain Lion)? Update:12-10

    Has anyone updated your system running OS X Server 2.2.2 with the Security Update 2014-001 (Mountain Lion)? If you have, may I know if you have any issues? Also, does anyone know if a Apache HTTP module that was compiled with version HTTP 2.2.24 will

  • Suddenly my iPhone shows No Sim? Update:12-10

    Unable to make/receive calls or texts. Connect with 3G , Bell Mobility is my Carrier. If home , will connect to internet through my WiFi Modem. Sim Card is installed, I have shut down. rebooted , no fix. Taken SIM card out and back in . Set the phone

  • Nokia 5310 No network signal Update:12-10

    My nokia 5310 suddenly lost its signal and I am unable to make or receive any calls or texts.......I have switched off, removed battery and SIM card, tried SIM card in another phone (that worked OK), carried out factory reset, reinstalled SIM and bat

  • Htaccess, cannot get to work on mac os x lion server Update:12-10

    I've enabled in httpd.conf I've updated the apache2/httpd.conf to... Code: DocumentRoot "/Library/WebServer/Documents" <Directory />    Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks    AllowOverride All    Order deny, allow    D

  • Phone needs constant resetting Update:12-10

    I have a iPhone 5S and everymorning I am unable to receive or send texts and unable to make or receive phone calls.  I have to tuern the phone off and then back on and it works fine until the next day.Been there, Apple has a trouble shooting for this

  • How to fix permission denied for home folder with Apache in Mavericks? Update:12-10

    I recently activated the apache that ships with OS X Mavericks. I followed some tutorial to set up the web-server, however. When I browse to my home-filter at http://localhost/~nazeem, I get the following error: You don't have permission to access /~

  • Apache2.x and Tomcat5.0.x & Session' data Update:12-10

    hi everyone, i was just wondering how i can pass user's session data from Apache to Tomcat and visversa: an examples im restricting access to a directory secret/* with Apache Authentication on Mysql (AAOM) Inside that directory ther is a link to one