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  • Child process dies, nfs locks not released, webserver hangs... Update:12-10

    Hi, I have Sun One 6.1 sp 11 on a solaris 10 ldom. The server is configured to write logs access and error to /logs which is an NFS mount to a separate solaris 10 box. The logging to an NFS mount is a business requirement. Sun JWS is configured to ha

  • QT used to play .avi - now only white screen with sound Update:12-10

    My Quicktime Pro 7 used to play the avi files no problem. Overnight, it plays only audio with white screen (on the exact same files). According to QT info, the files in question use WMV Image Codec. Why the change? How can I get my movies back?Did yo

  • Error "getDRMAdditionalHeader failed." of PHDS in AMS5.0.5 Update:12-10

    Hi, I am trying to update AMS version from 5.0.3 to 5.0.5. But I could not get manifest file(f4m) of PHDS VoD for "Internal Server Error." Please Help me to PHDS config for AMS 5.0.5. Host OS :  CentOS 5.8 and 6.3 64bit. Reproducibility: install

  • Qt pro 7, full screen Update:12-10

    1 -I have QT Pro 7, but in trying to play some video trailers from qt list, i can't seem to make the Full Screen function work, as it is grayed out, even though I have full screen checked in my preferences. 2- also, should the full screen work while

  • Error deploying several applications Update:12-10

    Hello, I have a problem deploying several applications. They are 3 wars that are continuously deployed. The error obtained is the following deploy_: +[java]+ +[java] Initializing WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) ...+ +[java]+ +[java] WARNING - Unable t

  • QT PRO high quality option, why not default after UPDATE? Update:12-10

    I just installed the new QT Security Update, and now my QT quality for my videos is quite sub-standard across the board. I first noticed it using iTunes watching some videos. I then opened a movie with QTPro full screen, and the screen was pixillated

  • Apache with OC4J Update:12-10

    How do we configure Apache to handle the static HTML and OC4J to handle the dynamic (JSP) content within a J2EE Application with a Web Module? I've just browsed both the General and J2EE forums, searching on "Apache". I see where others have ask

  • Content-type problems while using struts+tomcat+apache+mod_jk Update:12-10

    Hi! Could anyone tell me how to solve the following problem. Struts-application works under apache + mod_jk + tomcat 3.3.1. Operating system is Linux. It's impossible to me to make tomcat to send HTTP-answers in UTF-8. I was trying the following: 1.

  • Qt pro saved file require authorization ? Update:12-10

    Hi, I just bought and install QTpro keys on my eMac and want to use it to transfer purchased "Dora" video (mpeg4 format) from itunes to .mov file, so my daugther cant watch it on on dvd after I transfer it to dvd via iMovie 6.0.1. and leave me a

  • Qt freezes during play... constantly Update:12-10

    I upgraded to QT 7 and bought Pro, and ever since the image freezes often during play. I have to restart or redownload the movie to get it unstuck; sometimes changing Views (small to full screen) will nudge it. 10.3.9. This happens on both of my comp

  • SSO singe sign on with OC4j Update:12-10

    I used the following steps to enable Sign sign on user authentication for my J2EE application (myapp) deployed in OC4j Infrastructure : OC4j + HTTP Server ( SSO+OID : in a remote site 1) I deployed my app to oc4j 2) registered my HTTP Server

  • External monitor goes full screen Update:12-10

    i have a custom two screen layout for Premiere Pro. but one of the monitor starts to play full screen an hides the other windows. Any tips on how to customize the video Playout? Thanks Tsounds like you have mercury transmit enabled, which is sending

  • TouchSmart 9300 specs - DVI-D output for second display? Update:12-10

    I'm trying to verify the 9300 has a DVI-D output for a second external display before committing to waiting for it's release?  It appears the 9100 does, so hopefully that carries over?  The other option is to use a USB-to-DVI adapter with the 610, bu

  • What the 'f'low is wrong with this ! Update:12-10

    hi, i installed 1.5 from 10g CD created a DAD per instructions in the howtos to in 9iAS setup ! by the way that doc needs to be updated where it talks about (

  • External Monitor Crops Display? Update:12-10

    When my macbook is hooked up to an external display (I've tried an HDTV and a Projector thus far) it has a nasty habit of cropping the observable video. Typically, this isn't too large a problem, but when I'm watching something subtitled, I'll get ca

  • External speakers affect display?? Update:12-10

    Has anyone noticed that putting an external speaker next to your display for a long time can do anything bad to it.. I could be dreaming but the other day as my display was going to screen saver, it briefly went black and I thought that I saw some ve

  • External No Range display Update:12-10

    Dear Please clarify for my below requirements We are the external no ranges for maint plan starts with Alpha numeric. Whenever creating the new one i am usually visiting the no ranges are assigned in configarion going thro SPRO and creating . How to

  • External and Macbook display Update:12-10

    I have a 15" MacBook Pro and a 22" Samsung LCD Display. Can I use both the MacBook's display and the Samsung display at the same time but not have it be a mirror image? I would like to have, for example, iTunes open on the MacBook's display and

  • MOD_OC4J_0080 MOD_OC4J_0058 Update:12-10

    Whenever the client first logs in the early morning he gets a balnk screen. The code is all good. Sometimes some machiens also geta blank scree, The application is a j2ee application with webforms (10g) and oracle 10 g database. This is what we see i

  • HP compaq elite 8300 Display port options Update:12-10

    HI I can't get picture from HP compaq elite 8300 minitower DisplayPort at all. I have only adapter DP -> DVI, and DVI - DVI cable between HP LP2465 monitor, because there is only DVI inputs. I think, that Elite 8300 give only VGA- signal... shall I g