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Dear Experts,
When i do packing (test) following problems occured.
Material FG- 120 Pcs
Packing Material
  1) Box- Each box contains 40 pcs each
  2) Carton- Each carton contains 3 Boxes each
1) When i do the packing at VL02N system created any number of HU's. Means first i packed 40 FG in Box, then i think system should show only remaining 80 pcs. But system showing all 120 pcs. Apart from 120 pcs systme allows any number of packing and that many HU's created. This is one issue.
2) The above problem  i  corrected  by deleting additional HU and try to do the delivery. Here first i packed 40 pcs in each box, hence 3 HU's created and three HU's put together in Carton for my final packing. System shows me green signal. But when i do PGI system showing following error message
Sales order stock XXXX  000010 does not exist
Message no. M7184
   For sales order XXXX, item 000010, no sales order stock of the material exists in plant 1000, storage location 0001.
Could you please guide me both. For 1) why system is allowing to create multiple HU's  for a specific qty and why the second issue is coming.
Please advise.
Thanks & regards,
Deepu Pillai

The Best Answer

You should describe in more details what you are doing...
In packing dialog you should select the (empty) HU and the materials to be packed, specify the quantity and then click on the "pack" icon.
The partial quantity of the to be packed material should be reduced accordingly.
You didn't give much details about the error.
Are you in MTO environment?
According to the information given by you system wants to consume the goods (post the GI) from SO special stock, however there's no sufficient stock in the SO segment. You should check the situation in MB52 / MMBE.
If you really need the SO stock then you should move the goods in that stock segment by MB1B (MIGO) + 412E.
Which material number appears in the error message? The number of the FG or one of the packing materials?
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