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Output in Browser

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hi All,
Is there anyway by which I can get the output of a query in a browser?

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Please take a look at the "Install and Configuration" section here:
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    Hi, Similar to PDF and Text output, Is it possible to display Excel Output In browser itself. Whenever we try to view the report where the output type is excel, the output opens in Excel Desktop version. We have a requirement where we need the output

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    Dear All, I'm new to JSP. I want to know the software requirement to see the output of very first sample jsp program on browser. I made a sample.jsp file but could not see the output on browser. Thanks Praveenhi, what is it that you have actually don

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    I have configured report server and cartridge for WEB deployment on OAS I use the following URl\rwows60?server=repserver+report=repor ts+userid=website/su [email protected]+destype=cache+desformat=HTML and I get the following mes

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    Hi, I must open some BIP-Reports as PDF in a browser window via URL. The problem ist, that the height of the PDF-Output is fixed, as the PDF is shown in an iframe with fixed height. The height can be set in the BIP preferences, but only to a fixed va

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    Hi , When I send a request to Report Server via WEB DB listener for PDF output report, it is generating 2 requests while opening the PDF output in the browser. If you make PDF browser integration off, it opens in Acrobat Reader properly with single r

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    Hi All, Is there anyway by which I can get the output of a query in a browser? Regarrds, AmitAmit, Please take a look at the "Install and Configuration" section here:

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    Hi Everyone, Im using htp.p() and i able to generate html code.But im not getting how to see the output through the browser for that html code by compiling/executing the procedure. I need your suggestions. If my question is wrong please let me know.

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    Hi, I have forms&reports 10gR2 with APS 10gR2, when I run report normal(with less data)report take atleast 2-3 minutes at first time although later on it takes only seconds to display but first time it takes too much time, I don't know what is wrong

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    Hello, When opening the concurrent request/report output (for PDF output), the browser just closes. The PDF output were generated thru XML Publisher (reports converted in XML Publisher - rtf). PDF is defined in the Viewer Options/ System Options(View

  • URL report output not showing through procedure Update:10-11

    Hi I create the following procedure for this purpose and it successfully execute but cannot show report output in browser any idea why ?? declare      txt  Varchar2(4000);       request   utl_http.req;      response  utl_http.resp; BEGIN      utl_htt