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Outlook email as the device default calendar

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I got my Blackberry at the end of February,and established my Outlook email as the default email for the device calendar and have had no problem sync'ing the calendar and contacts between Outlook and the device using the Blackberry Desktop Software. 
A Blackberry core update was pushed and installed on the device recently, and since then, the device could not keep the Outlook email as the email for the device default calendar.  Each time when it occured, one of the two things happened: either any appointment I entered on the device would be labeled as Outlook email calendar item, separate from all items of the device default calendar (visible in different color indicator), in which case the added appointmend could not be sync'ed to my desktop Outlook calendar; or all my default calendar items would be reassigned to Outlook email calendar (the color indicator changed to green instead of the default blue), in which case  the device would ask to delete ALL appointment items on my desktop Outlook calendar when sync'ing because it couldn't reconcile the default calendar with the Outlook email calendar.
Each time when the problem occurs, I would delete the Outlook email (so that the device had no default email) and then reinstalled it so that the Outlook email was the email for the device default calendar.  The sync works after that but only for a short while each time. Then the problem reappeared.
When I sync'ed the device with desktop Outlook,  I also noticed that on the device under Setup > Email Accounts, the Synchronization Options for the Outlook email has only the box for "Deleted Items" and not boxes for calendar and contacts, though I don't know whether that makes any difference.
I suspect there must be something wrong in the recent Blackberry core update that is messing up the default calendar when it's linked with an Outlook address. Could you help fixing this problem please.
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Just to clarify I did not question the VPN connection as being the problem with your email. My point was accessing a networked MS Outlook email account via VPN would I think change the way the sync and reconciliation worked.
The term device default in these calendar discussions can be confusing as "default" is used as a CICAL calendar description and a device calendar description.
The service books could have certainly caused the problems. I would suggest reading this article describing how the device calendar works with items not associated with a CICAL from an email associated calendar. The merge function is not the point, the calendar process is.
Please let me know your thoughts.
KB19240 How to merge multiple calendars into one calendar on the BlackBerry smartphone
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