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Oracle 8i or 9i Certification

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Hi people,
I want to become OCP however I am not sure wether to invest in books baout 9i or stick to the books I have for 8i. For the OCP 4 modules need to be taken with SQL being the first one.
Could you please let me know if there is any difference between the SQL for 9i and 8i ? and if there is any difference between the 8i and 9i modules needed to become OCP ?

The Best Answer

There's a big difference between the 8i and 9i exams. The 8i are all multiple choice exams, and so is the 9i OCP upgrade. The pure 9i exams include "proctored" exams, i.e. hands-on demonstrations of competency are required, instead of just memorising answers. I think this makes the 9i certification more valuable, but it may make it harder to pass - it certainly cannot be finessed through exam technique.
As for your first question: I think anybody who can't find out the differences between 8i and 9i SQL for themselves ought to be barred from taking a cycling proficiency certificate, let alone an Oracle one. :P
Good luck, APC

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