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Oracle 8.1.6 + PHP 5.2.0 + APACHE 2.2.2

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I have lot of problems trying to make the Oracle+php+Apache work... I really need help.
- Oracle 8.1.6 (I know.. is other alternative) in a Unix Server
- Apache 2.2.2 and PHP 5.2.0 in a WXP SP2 Box
- Oracle Client 8.0.5 Installed in the same WXP Box. (Oracle Instant Client doesn't work... not supported against my Oracle 8.1.6 version)
OCI8 doesn't work at all.... I can configure Oci8 extension in PHP but I can never connect to Oracle... aparently for compatibility with my DB version.
Any Ideas about how to solve it?
mikosiko at adelphia dot net

The Best Answer

hi Jer and others. ummm well... bit confuse so probably some b/ground of my scenario here. the db is 8.0.5 on solaris. we have a small redhat x86 box which php being compiled by the previous guy against oci8 (i dont have much info on that oci8, like - the age of that distribution, when it was released/acquired, from where it was get)
then (recently) i have to setup an redhat4 x86_64 machine (which suppose to replace the above machine). understood that instantclient is the way to go, i proceed with that only to find out that it doesnt support db 8.x. so i thought probably if i drop instantclient and go for oci8 then i should get the old machine replaced. that's what i really mean earlier - where can i get the last release oci8?
anyway by the intense pressure i get, i managed to find in our archieve the oci8 zip file used for the above mentioned (old) machine. reinstall the new machine to just x86 o/s (because the oci8 having problem to be compiled in x86_64 - i dont have much time to deal with it), i finally got the whole thing works. i guess i have to stay this way until the 8.x db upgraded to 10g (in 2 months time) and only after that revert the o/s to x86_64 and again play with the instantclient.
love to hear comment from others on what i've did as well the answer to the question where can i get the last released oci8 (including the 64bit if available)? tqvm
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