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Opening TIFF in PS vs ACR

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I just had a job printed for me on a large format printer. I sent tiff's that had been opened in ACR for a last minute check for noise and sharpening. No file needed attention so I exited.
At the agency, we opened each file to examine it. All except one opened in PS, the exception opened in ACR which the operator, after asking a couple of questions, went on to open it in PS. However, a problem occurred at that point. My files were set at 360 dpi. His ACR was set to open in PS at 240 DPI. It wasn't until I got the prints to my client that I realized one of them was grossly over sized. In the ensuing discussion with the print maker, with both of us scratching our heads as to who did what, remembered that one file opened in ACR. Sure enough, when we checked the oversized file it was 240 dpi and the rest 360.
From now on, I am going to supply finals in .psd, to avoid such occurrences. But then again, why only one opening in ACR? On my computer, the files are starred and would open in ACR. Had all of them opened at his site, I would have flagged it. Preferences on his computer do not have jpeg or tiff checked to open in ACR.
He runs Mac, I'm PC.
I ask this because there are times I would use a vendor in another state, and what these folks do is print WYSIWYG, from the file submission. In this case a 20x30 printed 30x45.

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I don't know, either I'm not understanding the problem or else I'm not technical enough to realize what is going on. Here is what I did:
Opened a tiff image in Camera Raw and significantly cropped it. Clicked Done.
Right clicked on the image in Bridge and chose to open it in Photoshop.
On my computer it still opened in Camera Raw because I have chosen to prefer Camera Raw for JPEG and tiff images.
Closed Camera Raw without making any additional changes, the image is still cropped.
Did a shift/double click to open the image. This time it opened directly into Photoshop, bypassed Camera Raw, and it was still the cropped image.
However, the thumbnail image in Bridge never did reflect the crop that I made. The preview window showed the cropped image, but the thumbnail never did change. This just seems to be an ongoing anomaly that I haven't figured out.
Like I said, I have chosen the options to prefer Camera Raw for JPEG and tiff images. But everything seems to be working the way I expect it to work.
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