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Open DNS and internet sharing

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I am seeing strange behavior, and wondering if anyone has a thought about what is going on.
I am at a hotel with fast internet service over ethernet, but, for whatever reason, DNS seems very slow if I use DHCP to connect (timeouts of 5-10 secs to get to a new site). If I switch to DHCP with fixed DNS, and use the Open DNS servers (, the latency issues go away.
The interesting thing is that I am sharing the internet connection over Airport to my wife's computer (she connecting thru DHCP). If I use a fixed DNS for MY computer, then her computer cannot connect thru internet sharing. But if I use the (slow) DHCP connection, then she can connect through mine. I have not tried setting up her computer with a fixed DNS, as she really doesn't like me to change settings on her computer
Is this a known limitation of internet sharing, or is there something I should know?

The Best Answer

In more detail, if my ethernet (the computer that is doing the sharing), is set up with Configure: Using DHCP, and DNS Server:, (in Network Panel for Ethernet), then the computer connecting thru Internet Sharing in Sharing Panel is not able to access some or all resources thru http (ie, pages fail to load, or do not fully load).
However, if I clear the DNS Server part in the Network Panel, thereby using the the DNS Servers supplied by the hotel, then my computer's connection to the internet is slower, with long waits (presumably due to a slow DNS server), but computers accessing the internet via Airport thru my shared connection are able to browse the internet successfully.
I suspect that when I have a fixed DNS server in my computer, that fact is not broadcast to computers using the shared connection. But I am not an expert in TCP/IP, and may well be confused about how DHCP, DNS, and Apple's Internet Sharing work together.
Thanks for any ideas you have