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Hello.  I just upgraded my MacBook Pro and I am now running OS 10.9.1  I am using iDVD 7.1.2.  Whenever I try to make a OneStep DVD from movie and I select the movie from my desktop, iDVD crashes.  It starts the encoding and a few seconds into it, a window pops up telling me that I inseerted a blank DVD and asks how I want to handle that.  When I make any selection, iDVD closes.  Please note that when I inserted the DVD earlier, it asked me how to handle the DVD and no matter what I choose, this window opens again for a second time after the encode starts.  Any ideas?  Thank you for any help.

The Best Answer

How did you create the movie and what is its format?  How much free space do you have on your hard drive?
Does iDVD crash if you try to create a standard project, i.e. open, select a theme and go from there? 
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