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One of my playlists in iTunes is not syncing correctly to my iPhone

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When my iPhone updated to iOS 7 a while back, I started having a problem with one of my Playlists. I was willing to ignore it for a while, but it's become enough of a nuisance that I'm seeking a solution.
I have a smart playlist called "Unrated", which I've set to contain any "Media Kind is Music" and "Rating is (none)". Before iOS 7, this correctly filtered to only new, unrated songs I'd recently added to my iTunes library, letting me play them on my iPhone and rate them as I went along. After iOS 7's update, however, the list still filters correctly within iTunes, but not when I sync my phone to it.
First, there seemed to be a random sampling of hundreds of songs showing up in playlist on my phone, even though I'd rated them. Eventually, I figured out that problem: I was syncing only some of my library to my phone because of space limitations, and any song I'd purchased from iTunes (not ripped from CD) was showing up there even if it wasn't really on my phone. I tried adding a condition to my smart playlist to weed out the iCloud (a feature I don't want to use because of cell data rates), and that still didn't work, so finally I just ended up adjusting my sync requirements to make sure that every song I'd purchased from iTunes was always synced to my phone. That took care of the rated songs appearing... but left my Unrated playlist completely empty. Even truly unrated songs I added to the library would show up in iTunes but not on my phone.
So I did some searching of the forums here, and read about the "dummy playlist" solution. Set up your intended playlist (the one I described above), then set up ANOTHER playlist whose only conditions are "Playlist is (the other playlist)", and that should work. But I tried that, and the newly created playlist didn't even appear on my iPhone at all.
Thoughts? Help? Bug that Apple's going to have to fix? Please?

The Best Answer

Hi all.  I can’t tell you how to solve your iCloud 3.x issues.  Heck, I don’t think they’re even solvable.
But if you had a previous version of iCloud that was working correctly then I can definitely tell you how to solve the “iCloud Photo Stream is not syncing correctly to my Windows 7 PC” problem.  …without even a re-boot.
Log out of iCloud 3.0 and uninstall it.
Open My Computer and then open your C:\ drive.  Go to Tools/Folder Options and click on the View tab.  Select the “Show hidden…” radio button and click on OK.
Open the Users folder.
Open your user folder
Open ProgramData (previously hidden folder)
Open the Apple folder – not the Apple Computer folder.
Open the Installer Cache folder
In Details view sort on Name
Open the folder for the newest entry for iCloud Control Panel 2.x – probably dated 4/25/2013
Right click on iCloud64.msi and select Install.
When finished, the synching between iCloud and your PC will be back to working perfectly as before the 3.0 fiasco.  The pictures will be synched to the same Photostream folder as before the “upgrade”.  Now all you need to do is wait until Apple/Microsoft get this thing fixed and working before you try the 3.x upgrade again.
I think the iCloud 3.0 software was written by the same folks who wrote with the main difference being that might eventually be made to work.
For those of you who hate to go backwards, think of it as attacking to the rear.  Which would you rather have, the frustration of no synching or everything working on an older version?
Good luck…