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Office 2013 Service Pack 1 installation causes shim error in Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
On a clean install of Windows 8.1 Enterprise and Office 2013 I installed RSAT and everything works fine initially.  When I install the Office 2013 Server Pack 1 update (categorized as an "Important" update) I then get the following
errors when attempting to open Server Manager:
(I attempted to include an image of the error and a link to the KB article but it wouldn't allow that saying my account must be verified although there appears to be no way to actually verify my account.  The "Verify Your Account 13" thread
doesn't help by the way.)
ServerManager.exe - This application could not be started.  Do you want to view information about the issue?
Which if I click Yes it takes me to the page for this KB article:
The KB page refers to three different SHIM errors.  The second two don’t apply to this scenario but the first seems to.  Unfortunately the info on this one is:
“The app is not configured in a way that makes it possible to determine the appropriate version of the .NET Framework runtime.
You can't fix the configuration problem yourself. Contact the app vendor to resolve the issue.”
I've re-installed Windows twice and have been able to replicate the problem each time (Clean Win 8.1 install, Office 2013 install, RSAT, everything works, install Office 2013 SP1).
It says in the KB to "Contact the app vendor".  In this case that would be Microsoft. 

The Best Answer

1. What is you install W 8.1 ENT + all important updates -> Office 2013 > Office 2013 SP1 > RSAT ?
2. Make sure that .NET 3.51 and 4.51 are installed.
3. Make sure that there is no coincidence with issues
4. Try to sesolve problem with Process Explorer and Process Monitor