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Object status for a sales document

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I have maintained one status profile with 3 status and assigned it quotation document (Quotation -> Stauts Data - > Object status -> 3 new status in radio buttons ). In which table can i see that this document number and status of document?
Tj30t has the description and number of new status .
Thanks in advance.

The Best Answer

You can get document number and status details in V.26 transaction code.
Goto V.26, enter status e.g BLK ( blocked) and choose user status and execute.
System will show you list of the documents with status.
If you are using header status, then goto VBAK table get the value from the OBJNR field (Object number).
Goto JEST table and enter Object number and system will show the status.  E.g E0001(Tehnical name) . (The sequence you maintained in status profiles)
E0001  CRT created
E0002  BLK  Blocked
E0003  REL Released