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Not receiving twitter notification sounds in IPhone 5s.

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Hello all,
I have bought iPhone 5s recently and downloaded the twitter app. Unfortunately, even after fiddling with all the sound settings, I do not receive the notification sound for twitter either when my tweet is re-tweeted, favourited or when I receive a mention. However, I always duly receive the email notification whenever any of the aforesaid action happens.
A help would be appreciated.

The Best Answer

Hello Siddharth2014,
Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
For more information, take a look at:
iOS: Understanding notifications
Troubleshooting notifications
Push notifications require an active Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
Note: Notifications use Wi-Fi only when a cellular connection is unavailable. Firewalls and proxy servers may affect your ability to receive notifications. For more information, see Unable to use Apple Push Notification service (APNs).
If you're not receiving notifications for a specific app, try these steps:
Verify that the app supports notifications.
After installing an app or restoring a backup to a different iOS device, open the app to begin receiving notifications. If the app requires entering or logging in to an account, you will need to do this before receiving notifications.
Check Settings > Notification Center to ensure that the app is configured for notifications. If notifications do not appear in the Notification Center, verify that the Notification Center setting for the app is enabled.
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