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Not able to open the workflow  Template.

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hi All,
Recenlty we have moved the workflow templates from 4.6c to ECC 5.0. We are able to open all the workflow templates except one workflow .
While trying to open the workflow template Via PFTC_DIS or SWDD, We are getting following error.
"Type definition for element 'DEL_TEXT' is invalid".
Please help me in this issue.
Thanks in advance,

The Best Answer

"Type definition for element 'DEL_TEXT' is invalid".
I feel like in the new system to which the workflow was transported, there in that system, in the workflow conatiner this element is missing and
You can get confirmed, by using Syntax Check (CTRL + F2 ) which might help you to know a better status of the workflow template which is bothering you
Please make a check and try to report the workflow, if there any exsists , then please Generate a version of currrent definition workflow and then make changes to it to fix the bug associated with the Workflow template
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