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Not able to install BB Link - maybe solved for now

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Hi Guys, 
first - please excuse my english if there are maybe some mistakes, it´s not my foreign language - i´m from Germany and want to give some response for all of those, who got the problem with the install-problem for this software.
I also got the problem with different errors while trying to install the actual version of link on my computer (Win 7 64bit).. I´ve got a previous version of linked installed while trying to update - main error during the installation was the missing network source - the installer meant. 
I´m working in the 2nd-Level IT-Support, so sometimes i know what to do..  
After many many tries and searching for potential solutions in different forums i got the following solution:
A clean deinstallation of the previous version is highly recommended. If you are not able to deinstall it through the control panel, try to uninstall it with a different uninstaller - in my case the IObitUninstaller from PortableApps was helpful. 
It used to try the normal Deinstallation, when this is not successfull he is looking for another way where you´ll get listed all of the link files on your installation folder and your registry - try to deinstall it that way (be careful, backups are usefull..). If this also doesn´t work - give the microsoft fixit install and install tool one try - - i´ve got this link from another thread here. 
Somehow this wasn´t the complete solution. After the Deinstallation (i suggest that one of these should be successful) the latest version doesn´t like to install. Different errors on my machine, f.e. network source not available, another try got the respond "there´s already another installation running" .... and many more .. forced me to check the possible reasons. With the process explorer i checked the running tasks - there was the windows installer still running some kind of installation of link.... try to kill these tasks (in my case this wasn´t successful - they are restarting immediately) - maybe you´re luckier then me. If it won´t work - Reinstallation of the installer is a possible solution. The Way you could to that you´ll find here: - please be careful if you try to use the reg-tweak as described. It is also possible that you´re not able to find the key described /HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENT CONTROL SET\SERVICES\MSIserver\WOW64)- don´t worry ´bout that. I also needed to reinstall the installer. 
at least - the source file i´ve downloaded also does not work. Tried to download it a few times and the installation still didn´t work. After that i tried to use an alternate Source for downloading. 
After all these steps i was able to install it in the latest version. 
maybe this helps the people with the same problem out there. 
Thx for reading, over and out.

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