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Non-rectangular click area?

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I have a map that contains several areas, which have
irregular shapes, i.e., they all have non-rectangular contours.
Each such area is a movie clip, made from a transparent gif. Any
part outside of this area (non-rectangular contour) is transparent.
I have onRollOver and onRollOut event handler to process when
a mouse moves in or out of an area. But it seems that a "in" only
happens when mouse actually moves into the rectangle that enclose
an area and "out" only happens when mouse actually moves out that
So, how to make these events handle this non-rectangular
shapes? Thanks!

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If you're making an what's usually called an "invisible
button," then all you need is artwork in the Hit frame only. If you
only have shapes (or whatever) in the Hit frame, then the button
symbol will be invisible at runtime, and will show as a teal
preview in the authoring environment.
The MovieCip.hitArea property is a property of the MovieClip
class, which defines the functionality for all movie clips. The
Button class does not feature such a property, so if you want to
use it, you'll have to use
movie clip symbols.
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Thanks! Words convey knowledge.
After reading your reply twice, in fact, from thinking too
hard to make the whole thing work based on those GIF-derived movie
clips, I just realized that I should've created the clips directly
from vector images.
Now, for each area's gif bitmap, I converted it into vector
first and then converted it into a movie clip symbol. In this way,
no special codes need to be used and it is more straightforward.
So, I guess one big wrong assumption I've made until now is
that converting a GIF directly into a movie clip should
automatically include a step to make the bitmap vector image.
Thanks all for your help!